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"Refer a friend"

Great results are achieved with passion and dedication for knowledge such as that found in APF Nexus.

"Refer a friend" is simple. It is beneficial for everyone as it allows you and your colleagues to purchase APF Nexus for structural calculation and analysis, at an advantageous price.

The "Refer a friend" promotion is always available because we believe that divulging your experience and satisfaction is the best way to promote APF Nexus software.

"Refer a friend"

...benefits for everyone!

Eng. Wright owns WoodTruss and is keen to buy WoodBeam so he recommends APF Nexus to his colleagues, thus everyone benefits from "Refer a Friend".

Eng. Smith, Architect Thomas and Surveyor McCairn are then able to purchase APF Nexus software at a discounted price.
Eng. Wright receives a total of 45% on future purchases or updates.

1 It is possible to “Refer a friend” up to 5 times, thus accumulating up to 75% discount

2 The discount is not valid for conversion from original licence to annual subscription nor vice versa.

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